Put On Your Sailing Shoes


With apologies to Little Feat, Magothy River sailors will start to cheer when they put on their sailing shoes.

It’s that time of year when sailors are getting boats ready to launch, participating in the first race of the season, and planning good times on the water with friends. If you’re someone who is also dusting off those sailing shoes, and want some company, consider checking out the Magothy River Sailing Association at www.magothysailing.org.

May activities start with the traditional sock-burning on May 13. The origins of this event are shrouded in mystery, but boaters (motor and sail alike) across the world set aside time to celebrate milder weather and welcome the boating season by burning old socks in a bonfire. We know we’re a bit late this year, but we hope you can join us. If you’d like more information, send an email to newsletter@magothysailing.org.


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